Top 10 Reasons to Choose Monroe Mold

1. On-time Delivery

We are aggressive when it comes to on-time delivery at Monroe Mold. Making sure your project is at your door at the right time is our top priority. We deliver high-quality molds on time, every time.

2. Experienced Staff

At Monroe Mold we recognize that our people are our greatest asset. Our mold makers average over 15 years of experience and are extremely proud of any project they work on. Our amazing staff is why Monroe Mold is the premier mold shop in the plastics industry today. We currently operate two manufacturing shifts to make sure your project gets done on time.

3. Rapid Shuttle Mold Program

Monroe Mold can typically provide a rapid mold in one week, and we can run your samples to help you fine-tune design requirements at our facility.

4. Superior Quality

We only use high-quality materials at Monroe Mold. With our modern manufacturing facility and highly trained staff we are able to produce superior quality molds and auxiliary tooling equipment that will outlast and outperform our competitors.

5. Modern Manufacturing

Our machines as well as our software are always kept up-to-date to guarantee high quality end products for our customers. We can provide different 2D and 3D files for whatever programs your company works with to keep both parties on the same page every step of the way.

6. Expert Mold Repair

We can evaluate your molds and determine the proper course of action to bring them to a like-new condition.Whether you need pinch edges repaired or entire cavities recut, we can recondition your molds to produce bottles that meet your specifications.

7. Engineering Team

Our accomplished engineering team can help you turn any idea (from napkin-drawing to full 3D file) into a finished product. With our years of experience designing complex molds you can trust your project is in good hands at Monroe Mold.

8. Manufacturing Floor Capacity

We are currently expanding our manufacturing floor to further meet the needs of our customers. With our increase in capacity we can avoid “bottle-necks” and shorten lead-times all while maintaining the high quality Monroe Mold is known for throughout the world.

9. Partnership with R&B Plastics Machinery

Our relationship with R&B Plastics Machinery brings many benefits to our customers. Our conveniently-located sister company manufactures a full line of rotary, wheel, shuttle and reciprocating blow molding equipment. (Link)

10. Value Added Operations

Monroe Mold employs a strict set of standards on every job that comes through our doors. By avoiding unnecessary steps we can shorten lead-times and improve cost savings.