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September 15, 2011: Monroe Mold and R&B leaders at groundbreaking ceremony for Monroe Mold’s facility expansion, a 7,650 sq. ft. addition for more manufacturing, office and engineering space. Monroe Mold Expands Its Plant to Continue Growth …

Our sister company, R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, an OEM of extrusion and blow molding equipment, is conveniently located 38-miles north in Saline, MI. This close proximity makes it convenient for Monroe Mold customers to test mold designs and prototypes. It’s another value-added benefit for Monroe Molds clients: Testing is more cost -effective on R&B’s nearby sampling machine than on a manufacturing line.

R&B designs, engineers and manufactures plastics- processing equipment at its 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Saline. This includes a full line of rotary, wheel, accumulator, reciprocating and shuttle blow-molding equipment, plus single-screw extruders, 3/4” to 10” 24:1 L/D, custom designs as well as standard systems. The company manufactures trimmer/deflash systems and a controlled scrap-release system to minimize housekeeping issues from bottle flash.

Skills and Products are Mutually Beneficial

The synergy between the firms continues in other ways: R&B provides 24/7 tech support/field service with an experienced staff of technicians utilizing 450-years of combined experience. Monroe Mold benefits from their referrals on processors needing mold repairs, refinishing and new designs.

R&B also provides rebuilds/upgrades for all makes and models of blow molders and extruders, including automated controls systems using PC, PLC or discreet controls. This includes Parison control upgrades.

In October 1997 Monroe Mold joined forces with R&B Plastics Machinery and remains an integral part of this company today. Both firms are part of R&B Holding Co. LLC., part of the Talon Group based in Grosse Pointe, MI.