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A Pioneer in Mold Manufacturing

Since 1977 Monroe Mold has helped plastics processors operate more efficiently. We understand how the proper mold can make or break you during change-overs and production runs. Our experienced staff can develop custom blow molds or repair/retrofit existing blow molds. No matter how damaged or worn, we’ll be able to give several options for mold production to help you keep production lines operating. We are proud of the extrusion blow molds we manufacture here at Monroe Mold. With our “focus on the customer” attitude and years of experience in the industry we can help you meet the quality and timing demands of your business.

Monroemold Testimonial


  • “Monroe Mold is fantastic to work with, they always do better than their lead-times, they are responsive to our crazy needs and they are just downright pleasant to work with. I like that you give us a written schedule each week, this saves a phone call.”

  • “Everything went remarkably well. You guys did an outstanding job.”

  • “I’m always amazed how fast Monroe Mold can turn stuff around.”

  • “I just wanted to take the time again to thank you guys and your crew for the great job you did in getting this difficult mold fabricated. We asked a lot out of you guys this time because this was not an easy mold and you guys responded doing another excellent job as usual.”