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Laser Welding

The laser welding is mainly used for pinch edge repair. The low heat application minimizes parent metal degradation.

Laser welding is one of the newest applications of industrial laser materials processing.In the majority of applications, lasers produced higher quality welds and allowed for greater productivity.

Laser sources now have higher power, different wavelengths and a wider range of pulsing capability. Additionally, there have been developments in the delivery of the beam, software and hardware machine controls, sensors and in general a much better understanding of the process as a whole.

Laser welding is mainly used for pinch edge repair. The low heat application minimizes parent metal degradation. When compared to other welding processes, precision laser welding is leading the way in:

  • – Consistency
  • – Low heat distortion
  • – Precision
  • – Versatility

Laser welding is a great choice when looking for a quick and precise solution in the mold repair process. Specifically, laser welding with wire is a common mold repair welding technique for building up material on molds which were over-machined or worn down through excessive use. The proper filler material is selected based on the size of the repair and the coating requirements. A wide range of filler materials are available to you. Ultimately, laser welding mold repair can save a company resources, time and money.

Monroe Mold’s laser welding department is leading the industry in services provided. As one of the earliest pioneers of the laser welding process, we know all of the ins and outs of what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. Using state-of-the-art machinery paired with the ability to provide complete repair and finishing services on your parts, it is no surprise that Monroe Mold is the premier choice for laser welding and repair.



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