Plastics Mold Manufacturing Services

Mold Design

Mold Design
Monroe Mold’s engineering department uses a combination of the latest 2D and 3D… more>>

Mold Making

Josh Ziegler, Journeyman Mold Maker
Our mold makers average over 15 years of experience. We have a stringent… more>>

Blow Mold Tooling

Mark Gardner and Brian Woelmer discuss components
When you get a new mold set chances are you are going to need new auxiliary… more>>

Rapid Prototype Blow Molds

rapid prototype molds by Monroe Mold
Monroe Mold specializes in quick turn-around in building rapid prototype molds… more>>

Mold Repair & Reconditioning

Containers representing many end-use markets can be seen at Monroe Mold
All molds eventually wear out but Monroe Mold can help you get extra life out of… more>>