Plastic Blow Mold Making

Plastic Blow Mold Making Shop

Mark Gardner and Jim Ghesquire Jr. multi-tasking in the mold making shop.

Our plastic mold makers average over 15 years of experience. We have a stringent apprenticeship program that ensures the highest level of craftsmanship and quality in the plastic mold making industry. The Monroe Mold staff takes a team- approach to every blow mold making job that goes through our shop. Each new job is assigned a job leader and a team; they are responsible for the job from the beginning all the way to the finished product. This results in smoother work flow and eliminates the “bottle necks” associated with individual departments.

Our plastic mold makers are cross-trained and can operate all of our machinery. This provides back-up and a diversified skills base, which helps reduce any chances for miscommunication that might be caused from passing the job from department to department.

mark and jim of monroe mold

Mark Gardner (Vice President) and Jim Ghesquire (President) in our manufacturing facility

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